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Who We Are

Friday, October 13, 2023 saw the Jewish communities of the Diaspora at a low; shuttered in their houses for fear of an attack, or biting their nails and endlessly scrolling the news out of constant fear that something terrible would befall their Jewish brothers and sisters. Tragically, two bloody stabbing attacks did result from Hamas’ Day of Jihad. Life, love and kindness are, and always will be, the values of the People of Israel.

Life, love and kindness are, and always will be, the values of the People of Israel. We - an idealistic group of Yeshiva University students - are sending the world a clear message of our own: if the supporters of Hamas are perpetuating violence and evil on a Day of Jihad, then the supporters of Israel will call upon our values by spreading Ahavah (love) and building up the world with acts of compassion and righteousness on a Day of Loving-Kindness (Chessed).

Our Goal

Our goal is for people around the world to perform one million acts of loving-kindness on Sunday, October 22, and then share their act on social media.


What is Ahavah?

A-ha-vah is the Hebrew word for love. Many have noted that it derives from the Hebrew root for giving (Hav) because love is ultimately about giving to others.

What can you do?

  • Fill out the form to join the movement
  • Follow us on social media
  • Get your local community institutions involved
  • Start posting acts of loving-kindness today

How should you do it?

We want to make it as easy as possible for communities around the world to be involved. Each community needs to decide which actions of Loving-Kindness are right for them, but we know that these expressions of Ahavah make a difference.

Global Day of Loving Kindness


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